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Black Lives Matter: Resources to help Understand

what Actions you can take to Help

Black Lives Matter in Our Human Family, and Global Family Travels stands with the black community and other communities of color, and we commit to gain knowledge by reading and listening to black voices to understand how we can help play a role in building a just system to end to help dismantle institutional racism.  We start this important action in sharing some valuable resources we graciously received from friends, colleagues and researching media links, which we hope you can also use to help you learn, discern, take action, and heal.   


  • Talking About Race: An online portal through the National Museum of African American History and Culture to help families, individuals, and communities talk about racism and commit to being antiracist. 


  • Know Your Rights Campaign: Educational camps and a campaign started by Colin Kaepernick to “advance the liberation and well-being of black and brown communities”. 



For Parents:  

For Non-Black Community Family and Friends :  Act by being an ally, use your voice, use your body, your privilege and resources to show up for black people. Please do not just post on social media or stay silent. Do your work and act now. Beyond the resources above here are a few more for you:

For the Black Community: Self-care and mental health are important right now, so here are some resources below.  

Seattle Metro /Northwest Specific: 

Because our Global Family Travels is located in the Pacific Northwest, we share these valuable resources 

From our partners at the Impact Travel Alliance: The Impact Travel Alliance has put together a round-up of books, podcasts, movies and more on their  blog. We’ve been sharing resources, tools, and thoughts from Black voices in our Instagram stories, and those are saved as highlights. We encourage you to follow those accounts and continue to support their efforts. 

#BlackLivesMatter #Unity #Compassion

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