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Suquamish Tribe Cultural & Heritage Excursion



The city of Seattle is named after the chief of the Suquamish and Duwamish people, Chief Seattle. We are excited to offer this impactful excursion in partnership with these tribes and the Suquamish Museum to learn about the indigenous cultures of the Greater Seattle community.


The Suquamish People have lived in this area known as “place of clear water” in the Southern Lushootseed language since time immemorial.  It is the ancient place on Agate Passage, the site of the Old Man House Village, and the winter home of Chief Seattle.  These expert fisherman, canoe builders and basket weavers have lived in harmony with the lands and waterways along Washington’s Central Puget Sound Region for more than 10,000 years.   The Suquamish People continue to live in the place of their ancestors and practice their traditional life ways on the Port Madison Indian Reservation on Bainbridge Island.    

This enriching program highlights learning about the natives of our Greater Seattle region and their culture, language, environment, human rights, leadership, responsibility, understanding and cooperation.  Contact us if you would like to book a visit to participate in this excursion. A detailed itinerary is in this link and can be customized to meet your travel needs. 


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1 day (allow 7 hours)

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Itinerary: Seattle - Bainbridge Island - Seattle

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