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Image by Kazuo ota


Learn, Serve and Immerse in French Polynesia!

Life-Enriching Family Programs
in French Polynesia

We are excited to offer two life enriching family programs in the cultural Heart of French Polynesia!  Youth-oriented cultural adventures have been created by our partners to provide visiting families with an inspiring, educational and holistic view of French Polynesia.


Choices range from a short stay over Spring Break in 2022, where the focus is relaxation and immersion in Tahiti's natural environment, or embark on a monthlong educational trip in 

July, where there is an opportunity for parents to work remotely, as needed.  Families will learn firsthand about the unique characteristics of French Polynesia’s terrestrial and marine ecosystems, threats to biodiversity and ecosystem health, and efforts being undertaken to manage the transition to a sustainable future. 

Moorea: Culture, Environment & Sustainability
A Life-Changing Family Program (July, 2022)

Immerse in Tahiti:
A Spring Break Trip

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