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Transformative Travel Connections Nicaragua

Join us in 2017 for our Transformative Travel Connections Nicaragua program! TTC is a unique, year-long program for Seattle-area youth (age 12-18) who want to learn about international development challenges and expand their horizons through meaningful family travel, community service and sustained virtual connections with Nicaraguan youth. Applications due December 15, 2016- Apply here.
Starting in January of 2017, TTC includes six monthly pre-travel workshops, a 10-day immersive trip to Nicaragua (in June/July) and post-travel learning and continued impact with Nicaraguan youth. The workshops and travel include learning about the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in conjunction with community development challenges and potential solutions in Nicaragua, and the use of visual storytelling exchanges about these important issues. Students will partner with a group of Nicaraguan youth throughout the year, sharing ideas, photos and videos online and getting to know their future hosts.
Participants of TTC will stay with Nicaraguan youth and their families for 3 nights, building powerful bonds through shared experiences including work on a community service project in Nicaragua. They will also enjoy outdoor adventures exploring Nicaragua’s volcanoes, beaches and lagoons, and visits to handicraft workshops and other cultural and historical sites! Visit Nicaragua TTC trip page, and download the itinerary for more details.
Post-travel, students will reflect upon their Nicaraguan experiences and create transformative storytelling projects in three additional workshops. These projects will be shared locally and with Nicaraguan partners, and may evolve into advocacy and fundraising to support future community development in.
Who should apply? This program is designed for Seattle-area youth ages 10-15 and their families. Each student should apply with at least one adult travel companion. Apply to TTC, or visit TTC website page to learn more about the program commitments.
Transformative Travel Plus Nicaragua program is a collaborative effort among Global Family Travels, Global Weeks, Merrill Images, and Zeitgeist Creations. To learn more about TTC's Founders, visit our TTC team page.
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