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Transformative Travel Connections 

Pre and Post trip workshops


Transformative Travel Connections (TTC)  offers 10 monthly pre and post-trip workshops which inspire, educate, and prepare participants to maximize the impact of Nicaraguan travel and service, personally and for our host community.


Pre-Trip Learning: After an initial meet and greet session, TTC offers six monthly pre-trip workshops (October, 2017 - February, 2018) in advance of the Nicaragua trip, led by TTC founders with inspiring guests.  Through discussions and interactive activities, participants learn about:

  • Nicaragua’s history, religion, climate, geology,  food, cultural norms and etiquette

  • UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

  • Community development challenges and potential solutions for Nicaragua,  and specifically our host community in Charcraseca

  • Visual storytelling skills which integrate high-impact photography and video, enabling students to foster relationships with Nicaraguan students before the summer homestay.  These skills will be developed and refined before, during and after travel, helping students effectively advocate for Chacraseca and other people, places and issues they care about.

  • Nicaragua’s history, religion, climate, geology,  food, cultural norms and etiquette

  • Spanish language basics (an introductory lesson, and referrals for optional online tutors, audiobooks and other resources)

Post-Trip Learning and Continued Impact: Three monthly workshops will take place after the trip (March - June), in which students reflect upon Nicaraguan experiences/travel and create transformative storytelling projects.  These will be shared locally and with Nicaraguan partners and may evolve into advocacy and fundraising to support future community development in Chacraseca.

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