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Preserving Pike Place:
Market Community Tours

Give back to the Market Community on our Tours!

Get a truly unique perspective of Seattle’s iconic Pike Place Market on this walking tour that gives back to the Market Community!


Highlights Include: 

  • Explore the maze of the market and its historic buildings

  • You may catch a show of the famous flying fish

  • Pass by the oldest existing Starbucks

  • See the iconic Gum Wall

  • Receive a deep appreciation of the Pike Place Market Foundation (your ticket price already includes a donation to the Foundation!)

  • Get recommendations from your guide for great places to eat, drink, and explore based on your interests.

From: $45 | 1.5 hours| Offered Daily

10% off thru August 31,2023 with Code WVSEA​​

Pike Place Market Foundation

Beyond the fish and flowers, Pike Place Market is a village of farmers, artists, residents, and neighbors. With senior housing above the Market’s storefronts and a network of social services woven throughout the historic district, the Pike Place Market Foundation welcomes and supports a diverse community in the heart of downtown Seattle. Established in 1982, after a     decades-long fight to save Pike Place Market from the wrecking ball, the Market Foundation works to achieve the Market’s historic charter to provide services and support for our community, especially neighbors living on low incomes. Rooted in the model for a healthy community, the Market Foundation improves the health and well-being of our neighbors by promoting and increasing access to education, nutritious food, community support, economic stability, and a safe neighborhood

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