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 Quarantine Creative Contest:

Reimagine Travel for a Better World 

from Your Window Frame

As adventurers and change-makers, we know how frustrating it is to stay indoors during this quarantine period to help prevent COVID-19 from spreading. Therefore, we invite you to explore your creative side and participate in an art contest to show us how your dream trip, or a local day outing, from your window frame would help make our world a better place. 


Our blog may also inspire you: Transformational Lessons from Quarantine: A Creative Travel Contest for a Better World

Mountains from Window.jpg

This contest was inspired by one of our travel partners, the Ladakh Arts & Media Organization (LAMO) in India which just finished a similar exercise called “Your Window is Your Frame – you can see some of the submissions on the LAMO Trust Facebook page.

We will honor the top three winners with discounts off 2021 trips, and give runners up the opportunity to develop their own dream trips which contribute to making our world a better place! 

Contest Details


Window Framework:   Using any medium of art and/or poetry, choose a window from your home, or from an imaginary one, and create an artistic piece that portrays how your dream trip could contribute to helping to make the world a better place.  Along with your pièce de résistance (art form),  please share a few sentences about what sparked your ideas – it could be something you have learned while in quarantine, or your desire to connect more deeply with family and/or  nature, or support your local communities on your next journey. While the destination doesn’t have to be named, we encourage you to tell us where you dream to travel to  – it could even be a fun local outing in your own community!

Feel free to draw inspiration from some of the framework we use to create our trips: 
Global Goals - UNSDGs.jpg
Bye Bye Plastics.jpg

To give you an idea of how some of the above framework is built in to our adventures, below are some of Global Family Travels' trips:

Contest Deadlines and Winning Prizes


Window Deadline to Enter :   All art entries are due by May 31, 2020. To submit your entry, contact use and we will email you a google form to upload your information. 

Top three Contest Winners will receive the following*:

1st Place: $500 off one of our 2021 trips, or one that you create

2nd Place: $300 off one of our 2021 trips, or one that you create

3rd: Place: $175 off one of our 2021 trips, or one that you create

*Note: Whichever 2021 Global Family Travels’ trip the winners chose to go on,  or the trip you create,  we require that the trip have 6 or more people going on it.


We hope to hold an art exhibit of the top entries later this year in the Seattle area, so join our mailing list to stay informed about it!  We will also be posting entries on our social media pages, so please follow us to see them with please follow us to see them or search #TransformTravelContest or #BetterWorldTravelContest :



Pinterest:  Travel Contest Art for a Better World


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